Welcome to Project Griffin, a police initiative to protect our cities and communities from the threat of terrorism. It brings together and coordinates the resources of the police, emergency services, local authorities, business and the private sector security industry.


Project Griffin was developed by the City of London Police and formally introduced in London in April 2004 as a joint venture between the City and Metropolitan police forces. Its remit was to advise and familiarise managers, security officers and employees of large public and private sector organisations across the capital on security, counter-terrorism and crime prevention issues.


Following its unqualified success in London, Project Griffin has been recognised as National best practice and is being implemented by police forces cities and communities throughout the UK. It has also generated interest and acclaim overseas, particularly in the United States, Canada and Australia.


November 2014 Update

Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

The aims and objectives of Counter Terrorism Awareness Week are to make the UK safer, more resilient and responsive to crime and terrorism, vigilant and confident to report suspicious activity, by:-


  • Promoting CT awareness to business and the public, through focused community engagement supported by a media and communications strategy, building confidence and reassurance
  • Promoting CT awareness to the police family through intelligence led briefing and coordinated patrol activity , to disrupt, deter and detect terrorist activity, preventing crime and taking all reasonable steps to arrest offenders
  • Encouraging the gathering of CT and community intelligence, by delivering Project Griffin, ARGUS and Fairway to enhance preparedness and vigilance
  • Promoting CT preparedness, by planning and testing responses and supporting wider CONTEST objectives

Counter Terrorism Awareness Week (CTAW) is planned for November 24-30. This week aims to build on previous projects and work to deliver a nationwide CT campaign.

Key themes have been identified for each day including:


1. Monday 24th Nov 2014 Crowded Places
2. Tuesday 25th Nov 2014 Transport Hubs
3. Wednesday 26th Nov 2014    Preventing Extremism
4. Thursday 27th Nov 2014 Terrorist Financing
5. Friday 28th Nov 2014 Firearms & Explosives (Terrorist Tools)
6. Saturday 29th Nov 2014 Crowded Places
7. Sunday 30th Nov 2014 Crowded Places











For further information and counter terrorism briefing products go to:.  


or speak to your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisor


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